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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loving from the Soul

There is a whisper in the wind that calls me. It is a drawing out and connecting force that beckons me to know more about love. It is the love that I feel when standing alone in nature. It is water that runs clear and cold from a mountain stream. It is the feel of the warm sun on my skin and the sound of the ocean; the rhythmic pulse of life as it crashes and recedes, constantly moving in flow with a larger force.

There are no conditions, rules or constrictions to this love. It embraces and holds me, sustaining my life. My energy flows through it and into it and it circles back. I am the container of this energy and I am also the source. I give and receive, a rhythmic balance with the heartbeat of the Universe.

My soul knows this love and seeks to find a manner of expression to bring this source into the physical world. It is more than giving and receiving. It is an embracing emotion that continues to search for expression in a meaningful way. It is wide. It is deep. Truly, there is no way to measure this way of being.

My soul continues its journey to hold and contain while giving back more than what is received. My reflection in the mystic pool of Universal clarity tells me that I am the center that radiates outward and I am part of creation that moves rhythmically, with the flow of the waves and the ebb of the tides to create more love, to be love. It is my journey to know and live Divine love and to give it freely. I feel it in my soul and I gift it openly this morning, sending it out with wings of unlimited expression.

M. Bennett
September 29, 2010